America’s #1 Recycler of Silver Oxide Batteries

Founded in 1955 with a mission to recycle batteries, Mercury Refining, LLC proudly stands as the #1 Buyer and Recycler of Silver Oxide Watch Batteries in the United States.

Mercury Refining, LLC has decades of experience as a specialty precious metals refiner.
In addition to Silver Oxide Batteries, we pay the highest prices
for all types of precious metals scrap, including:
Gold Filled
Sterling Silver (.925)
Watch Bands
Dental Amalgam & Dental Alloy


It’s Easy To Get Started:
If you’re ready to turn your used silver oxide batteries and scrap precious metals into profit, download our Packing List and call us at (800) 833-3505 or (518) 459-0846.
Our expert customer service team is here to help guide you through our stress-free process.

Make Money and Make a Difference:
Selling your used silver oxide watch batteries to us assures
their proper recycling. By sending us your used watch batteries,
you make money and contribute to environmental sustainability.

We are committed to being the largest refiner of silver oxide watch batteries in the United States. Join us in making a positive impact on both your bottom line and the environment
by recycling your batteries with Mercury Refining, LLC.

Environmental Responsibility:
While our name includes “mercury,” it’s essential to note that we are not in the mercury business. We do not accept liquid mercury or mercury compounds.
As a responsible entity, we are permitted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for all materials we handle.
Safety and environmental protection are our top priorities.