Silver Oxide Watch Battery Recycling

Mercury Refining is the largest refiner of silver oxide watch batteries in the United States. We will buy your used watch batteries and recycle them – you make money and it benefits the environment. Our battery buying program offers the highest battery prices for used silver oxide cells and immediate payment for your batteries.  Sell your used watch batteries to Mercury Refining, the leading choice for battery recycling.

When you are ready to ship, please call us for a Work Order Number. We will track your material after receipt based on this number. Please write the number on the outside of the container. A Packing List should be included with every shipment to assure proper crediting for your materials.

Batteries received at our facility are sorted into the various metal systems for proper recycling and/or treatment.

Mercury Refining LLC will provide a detailed settlement report with all the weights and prices used for settling your shipment. We will buy your batteries on an outright basis with no separate refining charges. Typically payment goes out the day after receipt of your watch batteries. Depending on the size of your used battery shipment, you may be eligible for freight reimbursement.

All mixed watch cell batteries containing mercury cells are first processed for mercury separation and recovery. We are in compliance with all applicable U.S. EPA and NYS environmental regulations.

Pricing is based on day after receipt, or you can “lock-in” your price when you call for a Work Order Number.

Have a question for us?  See if your question has been answered here: Battery Recycling Frequently Asked Questions or call us at 800-833-3505  or  (518) 459-0846.