Precious Metals & Other Materials

Mercury Refining, LLC is known for being the
#1 Buyer and Recycler of Silver Oxide Batteries in the United States, and we also purchase almost any type of Gold, Silver, Platinum or Palladium scrap.

We typically receive the materials listed below:
Silver Oxide Watch batteries
Silver-Zinc batteries
Gold filled watch bands
Watch bands with gold filled caps
Gold plated watch bands
Karat gold
Gold filled scrap
Silver plated scrap
Gold plated scrap
Sterling Silver scrap
Dental Amalgam
Dental Alloy
Chairside and Vacuum Filter Material
Optical scrap

Start by Calling Us:
Please call (800) 833-3505 or (518) 459-0846 for a price quote
and work order number for your material(s).

Download a Packing List:
Packing List should be included with every shipment to
assure proper crediting for your material(s).

Sorting and Recycling:
After we receive your shipment to our facility, the material(s) will
be sorted for appropriate recycling and treatment.
By selling your scrap to us, you are making money while
contributing to environmental conservation through recycling.

Settlement Report and Payment:
Along with payment for the material(s), you will receive a detailed settlement report
including the weights and prices used to settle your shipment.
We offer purchasing on an outright basis,
or for placement in a pool account for pricing at your request.

For outright purchase, payment is typically processed
2 to 3 business days after receiving the shipment.