AWCI Convention & Micro-Class


Mercury Refining LLC, America’s #1 Recycler of Silver Oxide Watch Batteries, was recently invited by the American Watchmakers and Clockmakers Institute to lead a micro-class at their annual convention where Mercury Refining LLC could share their knowledge of watch battery recycling with a group of the many watchmakers and watch manufacturers that were in attendance.  The presentation began with providing history and background on Mercury Refining LLC and our founder Leo Cohen.  From there the attendees were given a brief history lesson about the silver oxide battery and how Mercury Refining LLC developed processes to recycle the silver oxide batteries, establishing Mercury Refining LLC as a pioneer in the watch battery recycling industry.  The micro-class was then brought up to the present-day operations of America’s #1 Recycler of Silver Oxide Watch Batteries.  The attendees learned that the combination of expert knowledge and outstanding customer service provided by Mercury Refining LLC is what allows us to consistently provide our customers with the highest value returns for their materials.  Those in attendance also learned of the other watch materials that Mercury Refining LLC will purchase and process.  Some of the watchmakers and manufacturers that attended the micro-class were already taking advantage of those high value returns through Mercury Refining LLC and proudly endorsed our recycling services.  To wrap the micro-class up the audience saw just how user-friendly and simple the entire recycling process is with an easy step-by-step guide on how to collect, package, and ship their silver oxide watch batteries and other precious metals containing materials for recycling.